The story of Freshly Sportswear originated from the passion of two wellness professionals' for training clothes. We wanted to create training clothes for women in which they would feel themselves feminine and invincible. We at Freshly believe that you don’t have to compromise on comfort to look good!


We understand the demands of fitness wear, hence we stand by the clothes that we produce and use every day. We only work with carefully chosen collaborators who share our Freshly values.  At the moment our clothes are produced in Asia and they are finished in Finland, but we are in the process of transitioning our manufacturing from Asia to the EU to reduce our carbon footprint.

Most of our clothes are manufactured with seamless technique, hence they are more in line with sustainability thinking than traditionally sewn and cut clothes, because of a smaller amount of textile waste. We have made an effort to minimize all the extra waste and this is why we do not have for instance removable size tags. We use recycled materials as much as possible in our latest products.


Together with our manufacturers we are constantly striving to find more ecological methods of production. The Freshly bag that protects the garment is there to minimize damage during postage. These bags are reusable or can be recycled with plastic waste. If you need to return your item, we would appreciate reusing packaging to reduce waste. We are progressing towards 100% biodegradable packaging year 2023.

When placing freight order we find the most ecological solution available. We use Posti and DHL who are both committed to sustainability.

We encourage our Freshly customers to avoid shopping impulsively and instead thoughtfully choose the  workout clothes that you will use and enjoy. This way we all reduce unnecessary returns and thereby reduce our carbon footprint. Please wash your Freshly according to the washing instructions to preserve the life of your garment. Use low 30 degree wash and both your garment, environment and your wallet will thank you!